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The Digital Revolution is enabled by technology: a whole host of technologies coming of age, offering almost unlimited possibilities. Today, competitive fear seems to be a significant driver for too much of the activity in the market-place. Perhaps ‘Innovate or Die’ is the unspoken slogan in management minds. Too often business set out on projects before they have worked out what key questions are answered by these amazing technologies. 


We work with customers to help them focus on need and value; before technology itself. We help develop sustainable approaches to continuous innovation, managing the technical, the human and the operational risks of embracing change at pace and at scale.


In the pursuit of undirected innovation we see businesses adopt a wide range of approaches to stimulate digital innovation - from crowdsourcing to crack ‘innovation squads’. In our experience, undirected activity tends to result in significant amounts of wasted energy and resources - usually resulting in disappointment. 


Technology of all sorts, however exciting, provides us with a rich toolbox to achieve almost anything we want. There are very few businesses where their primary goal is to maximise technology adoption - or the deployment of a particular toolset for its own sake. We deploy technology to achieve business goals. Part of our mission is to help establish clear intent behind any technology-centred investment. We want to see that happen in the context of holistic, human-centred change; making a difference at pace.

Too often, digital transformations fail to meet our high expectations.  There are multiple reasons behind these disappointments, but a prime culprit is that there tends to be a major loss of focus on human need during the development and delivery process.


Current change management approaches are too theoretical, too ’technology insensitive’ and tend to be bolted-on as an afterthought or even an optional extra. We believe that people are fundamental to the success of every technology transformation - even those that seek to automate current workload. Project goals should be expressed in measurable human terms as well as economic ones.  If we claim to embrace Design Thinking as a part of our approach then we should remember that ‘desirability’ is the first filter that we use to assess value and impact.


Strategic Roadmap

Establishing the goal-driven journey to reimagine a business function or operation

'Art of the Possible'

Workshop to explore the 'art of the possible' applied to specific client domain

Design-led Innovation

A human-centred process that takes a significant business challenge and find actionable ways foward

Innovation Centre of Excellence

Design and establishment of one of a number of forms of multidisciplinary Centres of Excellence to drive change

Integrated People Strategy

Strategies to attract, develop, retain and manage the people in your business

Innovation Workshop

Specific form of Design Thinking workshop to work on a specific business challenge

Innovation Risk Management

Practical ways to identify and manage the potential risks associated with radical innovation

Eco-system Setup & Management

Identifying and establishing networks of shared interest who can drive superior value collectively in their chosen market

Organisational Development & Change

Managing the organisational gap between As-Is and To-Be

Capability Development

Defining the specific skills, knowledge and competencies the business needs

Design Thinking

A core capability to enable the discovery of the fundamental challenges

Transformation Program Leadership

Leadership of a strategic transformation program

Dynamic Team Management

Establishing a core capability to setup effective cross-functional teams at pace

Competency Framework

Defining the real skills people need for success in specific jobs and organisational levels

People Engagement

Strategies to keep people engaged with the business, supporting the adoption of new ways of doing things and generating creative and innovative solutions

Business Value Realisation

Identification of key value levers; building of enabling business case to justify investment in transformation

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