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About Us

During our careers in technology and human resources, we have seen innovation at its best and its worst. We want to ensure that technology innovation keeps people at the centre. We begin with identifying the business need for change and innovation before considering how to make it happen.


Just because we can use technology, doesn't mean that we should. We use design thinking to put human need at the start of the journey.

We work with clients to ensure that digital solutions to plan and embark on ambitious journeys of digital transformation retain focus on the organisational and human impact of that change. 


Our combined digital + human expertise means we can advise and create strategic plans that will support successful implementation and adoption of technology innovations. 


We believe in keeping people at the heart of the digital world. #PeopleMatter

Jonathan Ebsworth

Jonathan has worked delivering leading-edge technologies for over 35 years. He has built and maintained solutions, designed them, and managed their delivery and deployment. He has developed technology strategies and roadmaps for clients across a wide range of Industries including Retail Banking, Retailers, Consumer Product companies, Professional Services businesses, Manufacturers - both engineering and high-technology organisations, Life Sciences, Telecoms, Utilities, Oil and Gas Companies and Media organisations. He has addressed challenges across most business process areas and has worked around the world delivering technology solutions to business problems. 


Over the last 5 years Jonathan’s focus has moved into disruptive technologies - the elements that are making the ‘Digital Revolution’ a reality: Cloud, Software as a Service, Mobile Solutions, IoT, Robotic Automation, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence and the critical underpinning technology that drives the whole process: Data and Analytics.


Jonathan's experience includes:

  • Human-centred design and Design Thinking

  • Technology Strategy and within that Applications Strategy

  • Design-led innovation for ‘one off’ challenges and 

  • Lean UX for innovation factories

  • Centres of Excellence for AI, Automation, Data, Analytics and RPA

  • Digital Innovation Ethics

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Linda Ebsworth

Linda started her career specialising in learning technologies, creating information kiosks and designing CD-based learning. Over the years, the tools were replaced with other forms for e-learning as new technologies emerged. Combining instructional design, educational psychology and technology is one of Linda's core strengths. 


Linda has also worked extensively on leadership and management development and has implemented programmes for diversity and women in leadership. She has a strong track record and reputation for diagnosing business needs and implementing practical solutions. Linda has worked in a variety of industries including Professional Services, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Hospitality, Transportation and Government.


Linda's experience includes: 

  • Organisational development and change

  • Capability development and competency frameworks

  • Business-focused people strategy

  • Performance management systems

  • Talent management and succession planning

  • Leadership and management development

  • Mentoring programmes

  • Instructional design

  • Blended learning technologies

  • Programme and project management

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Our Values

We are working at the heart of what is becoming a technology-powered revolution, we want to help business’ seize the opportunities that this offers. In doing that work we will:​

We consider the human impact of all our work – ensuring that those consequences are understood and where necessary, mitigated.

We communicate with simplicity and clarity – conducting our business in the same manner.

We live and work by the high standards we set ourselves: pursuing excellence in everything we do.

We strive through our work to help build a fairer, safer, more sustainable and inclusive world.

Care for our world

High standards

Think straight,

talk straight

Humanity at the centre

We will donate 5% of our profits to charitable causes.

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