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Digital + Strategic + Human

We are digital. We are strategic. We are human.

Who we are

We are in the early stages of the 4th Industrial Revolution: a digital revolution. We hear endless talk about ‘human-centred’ design, but once a problem statement is articulated, the consequences of these solutions on organisation and people tend to be pushed into the background as cool design and great technology take centre stage.


We formed tech.people to drive the twin agendas of seizing the benefit of this digital revolution while keeping the human consequences at the heart of the journey. We have found that by bringing these two crucial elements together - solutions are more effective and better integrated, and adoption is accelerated.

What we do

We work with clients to ensure that digital solutions to plan and embark on ambitious journeys of digital transformation retain focus on the organisational and human impact of that change. 


Our combined digital + human expertise means we can advise and create strategic plans that will support successful implementation and adoption of technology innovations. 


We believe in keeping people at the heart of the digital world. #PeopleMatter

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